Saturday, May 7, 2016

What a Mama Will Do

This Killdeer, is setting on a nest of now 4 eggs.  I almost stepped on them the other day as I closed the gate to the pasture.  I still can't believe the horses didn't.  

Why would she lay her eggs right out in the open?  I can think of all kinds of "bad" that could happen.  She does set on them as I've seen her little head peek up as I happen to walk near.  

Killdeer will act like they are injured to draw predators away from their nest.  I have been careful not to bother her, but she is very close to our manure/compost pile.   Yesterday, as I pushed the wheel barrow by, she jumped off her nest and ran forward and did the craziest thing.  She flopped down on the ground and was flipping around on her back - shaking all over.  She not only pretended she was injured...she took it a step too the extreme and was acting like she was dying.  What a silly bird.

This had me thinking about extremes mamas go to, to protect their children.  I know, I was one of those...just ask a few people who I felt "threatened" my children in some way.   I won't shame myself with all the crazy stories - there are too many.  I don't regret any of them and that's the truth.  At those times I did get crazy - going to the extremes was necessary.   

I remember being at a "mother's lunch" at our small Christian School.  A mom of 6 was sitting at our table.  She was the image of self-control, patience, temperance - all the things I lack.  The topic of "mama bear crazy" came of the other mothers pointed to me and said "Jacky is that."  To which the mom of 6 asked me "why" I was that way.  At the time I felt she was judging me and my, I said "Why?  Why would I go to extremes to protect my children?"  "Listen, you might not chose to protect your children, but I will tell you what my mama told me...if you, don't protect your children, no one will"  She just stared at me - all wide eyed  - "and sometimes, going mama bear crazy works"  I said.  

Is this Dicky Bird proud of the "flopping on the ground acting like I'm a dying bird crazy" - you bet!  And, just wait till the grands show up.  

On this mother's day, I am thankful for the long line of mama bears I come from and the love and protection I never questioned.   I was blessed to be raised by such a loving mom.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin. 

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