Monday, May 9, 2016

The "World is My Oyster" - Tips for Self-Employment

Recently, I was approached to share some of my "tips" on self-employment.  I didn't really know what to share, that might help others.  However, when I woke today, I immediately thought of writing this blog post.  Here goes...

As I opened my eyes, from a sweet dream of my Grandma Kincaid, my mind quickly ran through my day.  One would think,  when you no longer have the responsibility of children or a "real" job, you would wake every day like a vacation day.   False, most days I fall asleep thinking and planning and I wake to lists of "to dos."  

Today, however, I woke to one simple thought: "today my world is my oyster."  When someone says that it means:  "the ability and freedom to do whatever you want."  I agree, but to me it also means that I woke to a whole new day of opportunity.  Oh, this made me excited.  As I skipped down the stairs, I was thinking of all the "fun" things I wanted to do today.   Work in my pole building, finding and digging for fun inventory, maybe paint a piece of furniture, plant some seeds in the garden, be with the horses, research tends, build my blog...oh, the day was "my oyster."  

When you are self-employed, having this attitude is crucial.  Look at each day as an opportunity.  Yes, some days will be more productive than others.  Do not compare your efforts with others.  Work on what you do best, to the best, of your abilities - daily.  Find your niche in whatever market you are in and "just keep swimming...(Dori quote from 'Finding Nemo'").  I do say that to myself a lot..."just keep swimming...just keep swimming" to remind myself that I only need to worry about me and what I'm doing.   Building your business will be the same.  

Outwardly, others may see you and your business as a success.  You, however, might see all the mistakes you make or time wasted - stop it.  Any decision you make, mistake made, materials better than....not making any.  It's really that simple.  Put your blinders on, keep yourself busy, doing what you do...let others do what they do..."just keep swimming."  

We may not share the same opinion of how to measure success.  But, that's the beauty of self-employment, one will be as successful as they see themselves being.  Keep a positive attitude - after all, "today, your world is your oyster."

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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