Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Governor Scott Walker Visit to Ringle, WI

Our friends and neighbors, Scott and Mia Bayer, were the host family to a farm visit by our governor Scott Walker.  The purpose of his visit here in Ringle, was to declare May as the official Beef Month here in Wisconsin.

My friend Renee is the sister to Scott.  Her beef operation is where my girls worked for many years.   Her children along with Scott and Mia's were members of Popplewood 4-H with my girls.  

Leonard Bayer (their dad) started his angus operation, Country Lane Farms, in 1954.  While in the service, Len had a dream to one day own his own meat production plant.  This came true for him as he began Country Fresh Meats.  The legacy of the beef operation and plant are now left to his children and grandchildren.   This is truly a farm to product operation.  What they don't produce, they buy locally.  

As I have learned over all these years, this family doesn't brag about their achievements.  I will let you know that their animals hold many "best of ..." at state and national levels.  Their meat products are the same.  I think it was their braunschweiger that even competed in Germany.  

I was very excited when Mia invited Al and I to come to this special event.  It was very low key, not one t.v. camera.  The group included the Wisconsin Secretary of Agriculture, Marathon County Ag Agents, some local politicians, neighbors and friends.  Because of this, we were able to get a one on one moment with the governor.   I found him to be humble, gracious and a good listener.  When I introduced myself, I told him that I was going to tweet this picture and that I often times defend him on Twitter.  If you don't know, he faced a rather heated recall election - the opposition he faced was horrendous.  It still is...even on his personal Twitter and Instagram accounts - you should see the comments - and this from the "party of tolerance."  He told me a funny story of how he was at a store and saw a car with 2 bumper stickers - one was the Coexist with all the religious signs and the other was Recall Walker.  I guess we all can coexist unless it is with Scott Walker.  (that was his punch line and a good one at that). 

I know I never post anything too political, but no matter how you feel about the president, governor, senator, any politician really, as an elected authority, one should show them respect.  I pray for those in power.  In fact, if Joe Biden, whom I detest, were to show up in Ringle, I would shake his hand as well, because that is how I was raised.   

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  
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