Friday, May 27, 2016

5 Friday - Questions For Other Bloggers

For my 5 Friday, I have a few questions for you, fellow blogger.  

1.  Do you have problems with your blog posts not showing up in your Reading List for hours?  The post is on the blog, but not on the readings list until hours later.  Do any of you know why?

2.  Do you find it hard to understand the information and content on the Blogger Help Forum?  Sometimes, it is easy to see how to fix your own problem.  Other times, I need to google how to read the blogger help forum.

3.  Have you ever noticed, it's the simple posts that get the most likes or comments.  Sometimes I write, what I feel is a "good post" and then no one comments.  A picture of the cat, those stats are high.   

4.  Other than sharing to a blog hop, face book and twitter, how do you promote your blog?  Do you solicit for more followers or are you happy to just write?  O.k. that one was 2 questions....

5.  Why do  you blog?  

Seriously, if anyone knows the answer to 1, I would appreciate the help.  I just changed my timezone before posting this...I will see if that fixed it once I post this.  Thanks.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

P.S. - no that didn't work either...

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