Friday, May 27, 2016

5 Friday - Questions For Other Bloggers

For my 5 Friday, I have a few questions for you, fellow blogger.  

1.  Do you have problems with your blog posts not showing up in your Reading List for hours?  The post is on the blog, but not on the readings list until hours later.  Do any of you know why?

2.  Do you find it hard to understand the information and content on the Blogger Help Forum?  Sometimes, it is easy to see how to fix your own problem.  Other times, I need to google how to read the blogger help forum.

3.  Have you ever noticed, it's the simple posts that get the most likes or comments.  Sometimes I write, what I feel is a "good post" and then no one comments.  A picture of the cat, those stats are high.   

4.  Other than sharing to a blog hop, face book and twitter, how do you promote your blog?  Do you solicit for more followers or are you happy to just write?  O.k. that one was 2 questions....

5.  Why do  you blog?  

Seriously, if anyone knows the answer to 1, I would appreciate the help.  I just changed my timezone before posting this...I will see if that fixed it once I post this.  Thanks.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

P.S. - no that didn't work either...

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Tricky Wolf said...

Great post!
1) hit and miss with this one, sometimes it goes straight in and sometimes its delayed by hours like you say, not sure why that happens.
2) I've never used it, I always head straight for google or youtube
3) Sometimes you write pure gold and it goes completely unnoticed, then someone else will post that they have nothing important to write and get 100s of comments, Blogland is a fickle place.
4) I dont really solicit followers, 10 followers that comment on every post and really interact with the blog are better than 100 that don't visit.
5) I really write as an outlet, it lets me express myself in ways that I often can't in daily life. Blogland has introduced me to some truly amazing people that I never would have met otherwise so I do love the social aspect and the community networking. I suppose the short answer is "I write for me"

All the Best

TexWisGirl said...

1. yes. happens quite often. the only way i can get blogger to recognize that a post is there is by editing it, republishing it, sometimes several times in a row, before it will go 'oh! i see it now!' duh...
3. time is precious. lengthy posts i often have to skip. a photo i can comment on easily and move on. sorry, but it is just the way life is for many.

Sharon Koole said...

Interesting questions. I'm not an expert in blogs. I write one because I wanted to document a few things and I've joined in other blog things (like Five on Friday) so I can hopefully make some online connections and see what others are up to. It's always fun to visit someone in another country or different part of the country.

I think simple posts are quick to read and who doesn't love a cat picture? Lol. I haven't used the help forum. I usually google a question. It works for me.

I'm not so good at promoting my blog. I do like it when people comment. Sometimes I feel like I'm just writing for me and that's just fine. It's like an online diary.

Have a great weekend!

mamasmercantile said...

I have never used the help forum. I don't promote my blog just join in with others such as Five on Friday. I enjoy the interaction with like minded people from all over the world.

Mac n' Janet said...

The help forum sometimes helps. I blog because we don't live near family and it's a good way to keep in touch. I never know which post will get the biggest reaction, it's funny what others find interesting.

Patty said...

I don't know what a reading list is so can't help you there, sorry! I'm not very technically say. I blog partially as an online diary and partially to connect with family and friends around the world. If I gain a few followers along the way then I consider that a bonus;)!

Lorrie said...

I can't answer #1 - Blogdom is a strange place at times, and as to #3 - fickle is a great word that someone else already used. I don't use the forums, and I don't promote my blog. I started my blog as a way to connect with like-minded people and I've carried on for various reasons.

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Interesting questions. Thanks for bringing them up as I wondered about some of them too. I have been going crazy over the #1 issue. Sometimes it helps to sign out of Blogger and shut completely down. But, that's only sometimes!

I blogged at first to connect with my 3 daughters who also started blogs back then (2010). They have gotten busy and don't post now, but I'm still blogging because I like to connect with women who are interesting. Pictures attract me, but if the subject matter is good I read it all. I have made some really good friends from far away. We end up emailing each other quite a bit and I love sharing projects and how to's. Right now we are looking for a new "home town" where the water is great and flea markets abound. I just looked at your "about me" and realized that I just found your blog for a reason, there's no such thing as accidents. Thrilled to learn you promote farms and flea markets. I'll be reading your older posts all week. Glad to meet you!

eclectichomelife said...

I have nothing helpful to add to the above and would love to know many of these myself. I blog for me and my family initially as I wanted to document all the Christmas traditions we have in our home, so I posted every day in December and then the bug hit and I continued to blog. three Christmas' on and I'm still blogging with each December having a post a day to share my love of the season. x