Tuesday, May 3, 2016

FREE Workers Arrived - Bees!

I've always been fascinated with bee keeping.  Al, not so much.  I was asked by one of my 4-H families if I would consider keeping a hive at our farm for the summer.   We talked about it and we agreed the benefits far out weighted the possibility of a sting. (smile).

So, last night our FREE workers arrived.  Abby, is one of my Cloverbuds, she is wearing her little bee keeper suit.  She was so excited to help her daddy.  

We found a nice secluded spot behind that old trailer I want to fix up someday.  The hive faces south with plenty of cover and protection.  We have bear in our woods, but they have never come that close to the house, that I know of.  We wanted to find a spot where they wouldn't bother the hive.

I'm looking forward to watching them work this summer and reaping the benefits of their labor.  Not just in pollination, fruit, veggies, but also a jar of honey or two.  Honey from our own farm - something I've wanted to do since moving here.  Now, maybe, after this summer, Al might want to reconsider bee keeping.  I will post more about the bee events as the season goes on.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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