Saturday, April 16, 2016

Your Eggs are TOO Small

My hens have been laying about 8-12 eggs a day.  I thought I would take a few dozen to the estate sale we had yesterday and sell some.  

I brought in the extras and put them in the refrigerator with an yourself kinda thing...$2 a dozen.  My brood is a mix of banty breeds.  They lay cute, brown and beige eggs.  I saw these 2 older ladies looking in the refrigerator.  I went over to assist them.  One of them asked me to open up the carton so she could see the eggs.  She looked at her friend and said, "well, those are too small for $2, I get big brown ones for $3."  She turns to me and says the same thing - only with a pinched up look on her face.

If you follow along regularly, you know I've posted about "staying sassy and how I want to be 'bad'."  This statement really shocked me..."your eggs are too small...really?!"  People are so rude - if you don't like something, just say "no thank you."  But, "your eggs are too small" and stood there waiting for me to say..."well, you can have them for $1."  

I just closed the carton and put them back in refrigerator and walked outside.  I told Lisa and Tessa what she said.  Oh, Lisa had a good come back...I wish I would have thought of it!  Lisa said "well, lady, I'll talk to my hens about it."  

So, last night when I gathered the eggs, I announced to my brood in the coop..."ladies, your eggs are too small..."  Boy, you should have heard the all the cluckin about that.  Oh, they replied to the lady alright!  "Cluck You, we'll keep our eggs."  (Well, with that said, I can cross "being bad" off my list.)

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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