Monday, April 4, 2016

What to KEEP, What to SELL, What to DONATE

I was asked to teach a class/seminar on antiques for a fundraiser for the HCE (Home and Community Education) Club a part of the UW Extension office.  I was honored that they thought of me.  This was a first for me, however something on my 50 things to do before 50 - teach a county wide seminar.

I was thinking on what to talk about - the session is 50 minutes long.  As my faithful followers know, I have been on a journey of letting go of things over the past few years.  So, I decided to talk about that.  I titled the class, "What to KEEP, What to SELL, What to Donate."

The above picture is hard to see, but I did a slide presentation to go along with my talk.  Thank you Anna Doll for helping me!!  

I won't lie, my anxiety triggers were starting to kick in...but, I relaxed myself and prayed...I was prepared, had lots of notes and things to share...after all, I am good at talking.  

As the ladies came in from their previous session, they all took my packet and commented on the first slide (my hoarded pole building - the before picture of my "It's not too SPOOKY - Vintage Pop Up" I hosted at our farm.  I heard lots of.."oh, that looks like my basement," - yep, these ladies are going to "get" this session.

As I shared, I asked questions of them and I was so pleased with all the note taking.  I had comments like "great idea" and such.  I will admit, having Anna there and her helping me with the slides was a calming reassurance!

I included in my session "Whatcha Got" - I did bring several items from home to talk about too.  I had each lady pick an item and guess what it was, age and value.  I shared tips on how to figure the age, where to research and how to place a value on their item.  I could have used another 30 minutes.  

I really enjoyed this!  I am considering hosting a seminar like this again.  I already can think of things to add to it.  I have a venue space in Wausau that I can reasonably rent - so, if you are interested, keep watching my pop up page:  It's all a Rave - Vintage PopUp Sales.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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