Monday, April 4, 2016

What to KEEP, What to SELL, What to DONATE

I was asked to teach a class/seminar on antiques for a fundraiser for the HCE (Home and Community Education) Club a part of the UW Extension office.  I was honored that they thought of me.  This was a first for me, however something on my 50 things to do before 50 - teach a county wide seminar.

I was thinking on what to talk about - the session is 50 minutes long.  As my faithful followers know, I have been on a journey of letting go of things over the past few years.  So, I decided to talk about that.  I titled the class, "What to KEEP, What to SELL, What to Donate."

The above picture is hard to see, but I did a slide presentation to go along with my talk.  Thank you Anna Doll for helping me!!  

I won't lie, my anxiety triggers were starting to kick in...but, I relaxed myself and prayed...I was prepared, had lots of notes and things to share...after all, I am good at talking.  

As the ladies came in from their previous session, they all took my packet and commented on the first slide (my hoarded pole building - the before picture of my "It's not too SPOOKY - Vintage Pop Up" I hosted at our farm.  I heard lots of.."oh, that looks like my basement," - yep, these ladies are going to "get" this session.

As I shared, I asked questions of them and I was so pleased with all the note taking.  I had comments like "great idea" and such.  I will admit, having Anna there and her helping me with the slides was a calming reassurance!

I included in my session "Whatcha Got" - I did bring several items from home to talk about too.  I had each lady pick an item and guess what it was, age and value.  I shared tips on how to figure the age, where to research and how to place a value on their item.  I could have used another 30 minutes.  

I really enjoyed this!  I am considering hosting a seminar like this again.  I already can think of things to add to it.  I have a venue space in Wausau that I can reasonably rent - so, if you are interested, keep watching my pop up page:  It's all a Rave - Vintage PopUp Sales.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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Amy at love made my home said...

So glad that it went well for you!! I hope that you enjoy the next one and that the ladies all have fun deciding what to do with their own things! xx

Cher' Shots said...

Oh Dicky Bird, we all need a "you" in our lives! Now onto sorting through and deciding - What to Keep, What to Sell and What to Donate!

JES said...

How fun! That is a great idea for a seminar!

Felecia Cofield said...

Hi Jacky! Wow! Great turn-out! I'm so thankful God is blessing you to do something you love that helps others! I think hosting more seminars is a good idea! Blessings from Bama!