Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ringle, Wisconsin to Waco, Texas

Well, I made it.  I drove the whole way down from Ringle to Waco - about 1,260 miles (give or take a few).  I wanted to do this as part of my "50 things to do before I'm 50."  I will admit, my route by passed St. Louis and Dallas.  I decided on a more scenic route - some roads were actually only 2 lanes.  I am so happy we did too, as we found some interesting places to stop and met some really nice people.  

The picture above is actually the cock pit of a plane that was a restaurant in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas.  One of the roadside oddities we stopped at.  

I thought Missouri was the prettiest.  We drove through the south east corner on a twisty, curvy road with lots of views.  However, Texas is more my speed limit is 75 on most roads - even the 2 lanes.  Well, they are 2 lanes, but have a wide shoulder of the road that people drive on too.  I tend to have a lead foot - so, I was in my element.  

Today, we happened upon the day before an absolutely huge flea market in Canton, Texas - First Monday Market.  However, the market starts on Thursday before the first Monday...confused??  Us too, but we drove in and shopped.  We found some great items.  We were a few of the early birds.  We had to unload and reload the van to make room for all our treasures.  

All in all, we are having fun.  Tomorrow we are going to Magnolia Market and Silos.  We also have a few other spots see in Waco too.  

Well, thanks for following along.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  
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