Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Paris, Texas

I looked under roadside oddities when planning our Waco trip.  Did you know that Paris, Texas has their own eiffel tower?  It will probably be the only eiffel tower I will see.  We were advised that night views are the best.  

When we arrived at the tower, there was a car full of girls hanging around and under it.  I asked them if they planned to be long...they said "yes, ma'am."(how polite!)   I told them I drove all the way from Wisconsin and made a stop in Paris, Texas just to take a picture of their eiffel tower.  Oh, were they excited..."really?!?" 

So, they were more than happy to take my picture.   I asked them where we could get some ice cream.  They chatted with me a bit.  As I turned to leave one of the girls said..."excuse me ma'am...but, can I ask one more question?  Do, I have an accent?"  I just laughed and said, "oh, yes, you do."  She said "so do you."   We laughed.  They told us to try a "water burger."  I said "what is a water burger"(Texas is known for beef)...after a few of them were trying to say it...one girl said "no, a Watta Burger" (she was spelling it out with her finger).   I said "you mean, what a burger?"  Oh, they all laughed.   I have a hard time understanding accents, I guess they do too.

Lord willing we don't have too many storms tonight...we will be headed to Waco tomorrow.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  
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