Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Just a Bit of Sass

You know, not everyone can "pull off" polka dots and diagonal stripes.  That round faced, fashionista is me at age 10.  This picture was taken by my friend's mom on their front porch.  It was the first day of 5th grade, 1970 something, we were 10.  Michelle and I were best friends.  I walked to her house everyday and then we walked to school together.  Her little brother and sister were not too many steps behind us.  

I was blessed, really.  I didn't know it at the time.  I'm sure, I just came from a breakfast of french toast, a prayer, hug and kiss from my mom.  I am sure I was excited and was hopeful for a new school year.  I've always been optimistic.

Michelle posted this picture on her face book page quite a while back.  I had never seen it before.  I showed it to Al and he said..."yes, that sassy face is you..."  Then he said something like..."I know that look..." Sass runs in the family.  I am the last of 6 and I sure have a dose of it.  Maybe, the sass gene was saved until the end, or at least a large dose was.  

Is sass really a bad thing?  Maybe when you are little and sass your parents, teachers or elders - that is bad.  I can remember sassing my mom and running out the front door.  The whole time I was thinking..."oh, she is so fat and old she will never catch me...."  I was laughing the whole way, until I turned around and she was gaining on me.  I actually ran half a block and tried to crawl under some pine trees to escape.  Oh, she caught me, she grabbed the bottom of my foot and and pulled me out from the trees.  I don't need to tell you what happened next - it should have - that is what good parents do - they discipline.  Did my mom care she was in the neighbors yard, switch in hand?  No she did not!  She had enough of her own sass, and was wise enough to know "when" to use it.

My sass was and is a help, dare I say, a benefit even.  I know "it" has molded me into the strong woman I am now.  The wisdom on "when" to use it is coming along...slowly...but, Lord willing, I'll get there.  

I am thinking about this today because of something that happened to me recently.  I have to tell you that some days it is a challenge not to "use" my sass.  I have been thinking how thankful I am that my mom let me keep my sass.  Yes, she tried to teach me to curb it, mold it into something I could use as a benefit the best she could.  Now, I look at her examples on how she used her sass.  Boy, we sure have some examples! (wink, wink).

Some people have sass and abuse it.  They think they can use it to show "strength."  Bossy, using words to be a bully and be mean - that's not showing strength.  I laugh when I see or hear this.  I think, oh give me a minute with them, I'll have'em crying like a baby.   That is how confident sassy people are.  

It is a strong person who knows when to use their sass; how to use their sass.  If you were born with an extra dose of sass, use it as a gift, a voice - stand up for yourself and others around you.  Sassy people are noticed - good or bad.  Be good - good and sassy - I say.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin. 

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P.S. (a few hours after I posted this)  

A funny story about my sass.  My niece had a boyfriend who was quoted as saying..."there are only 2 people in Wausau I'm afraid is your mom, the other your aunt DickyBird...and I grew up in the projects on the south side of Chicago"  - so, ya...I've got some sass.  By the way, he wasn't being "good" to my niece so I let him "know" how I felt about it!

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