Thursday, May 7, 2015

UW Extension - Madison Trip

I was invited by the UW Extension to go down to Madison and meet with state senators and representatives from our district.  Every county in Wisconsin, had delegates representing their UW Extension's collaborative programs.  Our UW system, funds portions of our extension office; this includes county agents in Ag., 4-H, Family Living, Dairy, Nutrition, Natural Resources and support staff.  

State budget cuts to the UW system will effect the opportunities, support and education that these departments offer statewide to all residents in our communities, schools and 4-H.  I understand a budget and trying to live within one, however the proposed cut would be a rather deep one to the collaborative programs offered by UW system.  

Our daughters are enrolled in UW colleges and spent 2 years at our UW Marathon County Campus.   The opportunity to live at home, save money and receive quality education, was crucial in their academic success.  

Several counties shared a bus down, stopping at different sites along the highway.  Once we arrived, we attended a very interesting seminar on "how a bill becomes a law."  The speaker is currently the Mayor of Viroqua, WI.  He also shared tips on how to talk with politicians and get our message across in a direct, respectful manner.  

After we had lunch, each county had their appointments to visit with their state senators and representatives.  

Here we are with Representative David Heaton.  I feel we all did a good job expressing our passion for the programs we have benefited from in our UW Extension office.  I believe that the hundreds of staff and volunteers that flooded the capitol building that day, spoke volumes to that fact.  

I did hear a "snip it" yesterday that the proposed cuts to the UW System, will more than likely be reduced - I would like to think "we" had something to do with that.  Even if we didn't, I still would like to think that my voice in little Ringle, WI - my views are "heard."  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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