Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fishing Fun

I had so much fun yesterday fishing with 2 boys from our church.   We went to 3 lakes in our area - we had success at Mission and Pike Lakes.  The boys are quite the fishermen.  Ethan found a "sweet spot" where the Bluegills were biting as fast as they were casting out.  Some were too small and we threw back - but, fishing is fun when you actually catch something.  

It was refreshing to see the camaraderie between them.  When Ethan found the spot, Mason cast his line out there too...Mason caught one...Ethan says "good job Mason!"  I don't know about you - but, not too many fishermen are happy when someone sneaks in their hole and catches fish.  The 2 never argued, complained or whined.  Mason, was snagged up a few times, he says in a very calm, sweet voice, "hey, Dickybird, can you help me?"  I did get wet when the line was snagged on a log and I had to jump in to my hips and unsnag it.  Surprisingly the water wasn't too cold.

We only had one injury - it was to me - on a hard cast, I was snagged in the surprised me and I screamed...I though Mason was going to jump off the dock....I scared him.  We all laughed and laughed!  We could hardly stop fishing, but they had little league practice.  On the drive home, Ethan says..."we should do this once a month."  I think they like me!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.
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