Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Thought for the Day - Quotes from DickyBird

O.K....sometimes, I think I come up with some pretty good quotes...while not always "correct" for now a days thinking, I sure can make myself laugh.

Ever notice how when two animals fight, no matter the species, they push at each other; like two bucks, butting heads.  I was thinking, life is like that sometimes.  In order to face any obstacle or trial, we need to fight, maybe even butt heads with something or someone.  Lord knows, I've been faced with things I needed to fight with and for; we all have.  The next time you need to, think on this little quote from me: 

"The more people push against you, the harder you should try."

Push back, strengthen those muscles, build up your faith, encourage those around you - no matter what they say about you - be strong in spirit and this will help you get through. 

While each trial offers a lesson, I've learned to just turn it over to Jesus right away.  I want to have the right attitude while I fight on.  Continue fighting on my friends and thanks for all the support!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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