Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fly Predators

What's a fly predator?  That was my question to my friend, Renee, several years ago.  We saw the results at her farm and ordered our supply the following year.

"Fly predators are beneficial insects and the natural enemy of flies.  These insects never bother humans or animals, but feed on fly larvae to interrupt the breeding cycle of flies.  Sprinkle on manure areas monthly to control fly populations.  Up to 94% reduction in pest flies have been reported."

We are on a schedule to receive these packets late spring till early fall.  If you live in a different climate you might receive a monthly pack.  They come in the mail, you wait for the cocoons that house the larva to start hatching and then you spread it around your manure areas.  You can see a few of the tiny predators at the top of the bag.  These little predators are among the world's most beneficial insects.  All I know is that they WORK - we really have NO flies by our house and barn.  

We spread them and then cover them lightly with the manure.  If we don't, the chickens, who love scratching around the manure pile, eat them.  Tasty tiny treats.  

We have had people come out and say "where are all the flies?"  If you are plagued with flies - give these a try!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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