Thursday, May 7, 2015

Understanding and Loving People

I hand an enlightening experience yesterday.  Something that could have been viewed as a "curse" turned into a blessing.  All because I was able to love through understanding this person's plight.  I won't lie, the initial call set me back emotionally to 1970 something, thinking about childhood memories.

My mom, was selfless, she loved us and put our needs before her own to the best of her abilities.  One thing that she wasn't able to do, was follow through with supporting her children at school events.  I called some of my other siblings yesterday and asked "did mom and dad come to your concerts?"  My brother Frank was in the high school musicals and dramas - I never saw any of these (he is 9 years older and I couldn't drive myself) - neither did my parents.  Not because they didn't love Frank/us or take pride in our abilities - they just "couldn't do it."  

As a child, I didn't understand this and it made me sad not to see my "family" in the bleachers.  Because I was the youngest,  all of my siblings were married and gone too and mom and dad probably went to more of my concerts and functions.

Now as an adult, I understand my mom suffered from social anxiety.  I can love her and understand her.  This is liberating - loving with understanding - not only that, but if you are wise in doing this, you can show compassion on others.  

I would encourage each of you, the next time you may be faced with a disappointment or challenge from a loved one...think about them, their situation, what they are going through - love them anyway with understanding and show compassion.  After all, we all will reap what we sow.  I was thinking, I sure hope the next time I disappoint someone, they will still love me and show some compassion.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

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