Thursday, January 1, 2015

An Amazing Dream

New Year's Eve 2014, I was flipping channels, trying to stay awake till midnight.  I was partially watching Ghost (Patrick Swayze at his best) - I fell asleep....however, I had an amazing dream!  I woke from it - at 12:40 something - overwhelmed, changed and inspired.  What a New Year's blessing!  This will be a long post - but, please read on - there is a great message.

Many of you know I'm a very spiritual person.  Not, just in a religion (organization) or religious (experience) way - rather something that makes me who I am.  Maybe it is my genetics, maybe my upbringing or even my life experiences - I don't know - or even how to explain it - it is just what makes me, me.  

I have always been a dreamer, as in actual bedtime dreams.  Colorful, vivid, crazy dreams.   As a child some of those were bad dreams even nightmares.  Most of which involved a spiritual realm - like my fighting with an evil spirit or something evil.  I have theories as to why I had these dreams - I've experienced the spiritual realm, believe in it and have seen with my own eyes the proof.  Now don't think I'm crazy - each and everyone of us, if we are being honest have had a hair standing on your arm experience at some point in your life.  These just happen to intensify in my dreams.  As I grew older and worked out my "issues" during awake time, I had less of the bad ones.  

My father-in-law had MS.  When he passed on, I had a dream.  He was driving this old Model T (he had one) up our driveway with his mom and dad (granny and grandpa Luetschwager) with him.  I was sitting at our kitchen table looking out the window at them as they drove in the driveway, waved and said "everything is O.K."  and drove around the horseshoe driveway down the road.  Our farm is only a few miles from their homestead farm and his childhood home, they were headed that way.  When I woke, I knew I had to tell my mother-in-law.  I said "Ed visited me last night..."  and I believe he did....and I told her my dream.  Years later, she still reminds me of this and always says what a comfort that dream was/is to her.

This is just one example - I have many.  The first time I realized that I had this "gift" I was about 13.  I had a very strange dream I couldn't understand and I thought about it for days.  It had to do with gardening.  The next Sunday in church, our pastor, we called him Brother Rogers, preached a message about a dream he had - it was very similar to mine.  After the service I went up to him and told him my dream.  Now, I was young, but he didn't dismiss me like I was a child, rather he was wise enough to say..."the Lord gives us these gifts."  I believed him.

I could type about many of these such dreams - like how the night before our neighbor died - I saw him walking to his church - St. Therese - like he did every Saturday evening for as long as I could remember.  When I woke up, my mom told me he had passed on.  I told her my dream about him - and why would I dream of him - she also didn't dismiss this dream she encouraged it and told me "well, I bet he was walking to church."  

So, I tell you all of this to tell you mom visited me last night with an awesome, sweet message!  I am so comforted by this that I wanted to share it with my followers and family (I will post on face book).   

We tried our best to take care of our mom.  She had a stroke and was in a wheelchair.  She took such good care of all 6 of us that we felt we owed it to her to let her stay in her home.  It was in all honesty very stressful.  I feel guilty now, because at times I wasn't always the most patient with her.  Over the past year, since her passing, I have had several dreams about her.  Many of them I have woke crying about something I felt I fell short of in her care or my response to her disability.  

Well, last night, in this dream, I was pushing my mom in her wheel chair.  I was thinking, about her and the responsibility that came with her care.  I will admit, it was selfish thinking - like, now we have to go back to taking care of her.  (I must be an awful daughter - I told you earlier how I feel guilty, this carries over in dreams).  It seemed I was pushing her down this hall way.  I remember thinking she had nothing, no food, no blanket, no bed - nothing and she was hungry.  As we passed people, they were people we knew, they said "well, is that Christal? I remember a time when I was hungry and she fed me, please take this piece of bread"  and my mom took it, as we continued down the hall, each person we passed said..."is that Christal, well I remember a time when I didn't have a place to stay and she let me stay at her house, please take this blanket"  I turned to my mom, my eyes full of tears and said..."Mom you helped all of these people and now they are helping you..."  I turned to the next person who said "Christal believed and lived this scripture - 
  1. Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:
  2. At this point, I turned and looked at my mom, grabbed her face and kissed her.  As she held out her hand to me, it looked like the scene in Ghost where it was filled with light and her hand was sparkly as I grabbed it - I felt her - I turned and my dad was standing behind the wheel chair and then they disappeared and I woke up.  
  3. What an amazing dream.  I feel she is releasing me from my guilt and yet again teaching me a lesson.  One that will encourage each decision I make this next year.  I don't want to focus on temporal things, rather eternal things.  Thanks Mom, for coming to me in my sleep - I Love You.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.
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