Monday, January 12, 2015

Motivational Monday - Are You Just "Making It" Through?

So, last week, here in good ol' Wiscosnin it was brutal.  We had tempatures in the -20's with windchills -30's to -40's.  Many schools and activities were closed a couple of days

We hobby farm and have several animals to care for.  It is my least favorite time of year for that reason.  I love snow and the beauty of Winter, it's the bitter cold I could do without.

On one such day last week, Al and I came in from doing outside chores and we both said...."if we can just 'make it' till Saturday..."  Not for us, but for the animals.  

This simple statement brought about a whole discussion about "just making it" through...whatever situation you are in.  

"I don't like my child's teacher...if I can just 'make it' through this grade."  

"I hate this class, the professor is rude...if I can just 'make it' through this semester."

"My child throws temper tantrums....if I can just 'make it' through the terrible two's."

"I have this huge project at work...if I can just 'make it' through this week."

The examples are endless, depending on your life's situation.  
Al said to me..."I don't just want to 'make it' through, I want to just live."  That single statement had me thinking all week.

Are we just "making it" through or are we really living?  Do other's feel this way?  

I've come to the personal conclusion that some of the challenges of - just "making it" through - are created by me.

For example:  I would have to worry about my animals in the cold, if I didn't choose to have them.  I wouldn't have a full schedule of events to "make it" through, if I chose not to be so involved.  I wouldn't have the task of searching for or creating inventory for my booths and just "making it" through till the next month, if I wasn't self-employed.  

Then, it hit me...yep, I wouldn't have to just "make it" through anything, if I didn't challenge myself.  

Don't get me wrong, not every challenge you need to just "make it" through, is created by you.  Life is challenging, that is the "living" part.  

Today for our motivation, let's look at each situation we are in, the ones we are trying to just "make it" through and remind ourselves - WHY...we chose we enjoy it enough to just "make it" through...HOW can we change our attitude and WHAT am I learning or benefiting from.  

I want to remind myself each day, that it is because of my wanting to challenge myself and live....the way I do....that I need to ENJOY "making it" through - or my life will pass me by and I won't be living it to the fullest! 

Let's challenge ourselves to not just "make it" rather, just "live" it and embrase each situation and stage of life.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin. 

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