Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving -

Happy Thanksgiving.  We sure do have a lot to be thankful for.  For me, especially today, I'm thankful for my Mom.  This is a picture of her and Anna.  I have many blog posts about her or in reference to her.  This is one with a lot of photos from her 80th birthday party last year.
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My mom entered eternity on Wednesday, November 27, 2013 at around 4:50 a.m.  She was surrounded by love, prayers, worship and praise.  It was a blessing to hold her hand till the end.  After she took her last breath, I actually felt lead to clap my hands - applauding her on a life well lived - "good job mom!"  and in praise to our savior "thank you Jesus for your salvation."  Those in the room joined in - we had a wonderful experience.  My sister said, "this is what we believe, this is how we should be - happy for mom and thankful for Jesus."  I truly am!  

I don't know what a world without her will be.  I have relied on her for so much over the years.  I will miss her deeply - beyond words.  However, I am also happy - no more pain, no more wheel chair and no more worries.  She is at rest and peace, in the company of loved ones that passed on before and in the arms of Jesus.  This is the foundation of my faith.

My mom only went to school until the 8th grade.  She always belittled her education - however, she was the wisest person I knew.

My mom struggled with her weight, always saying she was too fat or not pretty anymore - however, she was just as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside.  Expressing her spirit and letting her light shine - true beauty.

My mom wasn't wealthy, had no money to invest in the stock market - yet, she invested her everything into her family - she was rich in love.

My mom spent her last few days in the hospital.  She never was alone - at times the hallway was crowded with family.  My nephew played his guitar, her room was full of song and praise.  We lifted her up in voices of open prayer - her room overflowing with the presence of the holy ghost.  There were others in this hallway without family - not knowing the love and support my mom had.  We did pray for the lady in the room next to us as well.  My mom was blessed by all of this, I know because she squeezed our hands, wiggled her feet to the music - maybe not able to express all that she felt - but we knew she was happy.  In the emergency room, she told us to tell everyone that she loved us all the same and that she wanted to kiss each one of her kids, grand kids, great and great, great grand kids before she passed.  Thankfully, family from hours away - made it in time to do so.  My last nephew arrived around 12:30 a.m. and visited and prayed with her - she passed at 4:50 a.m.  I feel she was waiting for him, as my sister kept saying..."Ben is on his way mama..."  

I know that some of you who read this won't understand this or our expression of emotion.  Death isn't the end - for us - it is only the beginning.  I am the woman I am today, because of my mom and all the time she put into me.  I hope to not only respect her by how I live - but, let my life be a testimony to the saving grace of Jesus Christ!

Blessings and Blessed in Ringle, Wisconsin.

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