Monday, November 18, 2013

Motivation Monday - Hold Your Hands Up and Say "WEEEEE"

My mom has been in the hospital this past week.  She is still there.  I started writing this from her room.  We will find out more today on the "game" plan for her care.  It has been a stressful week or so... 

Taylor, one of my 4-Hrs and my girls' friend, was in a terrible accident.  She flipped her truck trying to avoid hitting a deer.  She had a skull fracture, 38 staples in her head and in ICU for a few days.  Some of those days were spent just down the hall from my mom.   Thankfully, she is home recovering.

Jodi, a classmate of mine and one of my 4-H moms, has been battling cancer on and off for several years.  She lost her battle this past Thursday, leaving her husband and 2 daughters.  Her funeral was Sunday.  Thankfully, Jodi is healed now - in her Heavenly home.

My mom, has a lot of things wrong with her.  She has been and we have been through many a hospital stay, nursing home rehab and living back home.  "We" have taken care of her, in her own home, despite financial, emotional and physical difficulty since her stroke - 11 years ago.  It has become our life.   

We have been blessed with the additional time with our Mom.  Had she passed from her stroke 11 years ago, my children would not have had the same relationship with her.  She has an optimistic spirit and this is what has kept her going despite all of her limitations.  Thankfully she is getting the care she needs and we will accept whatever the "game" plan is.

I messaged my friend and said I feel like I'm on a roller coaster ride and I want to get off.  She replies - well just hold your hands up and say "weeee"....  Funny, but true.

Life can be stressful!  Illness and loss are devastating.  At times leaving us to feel like we are on a roller coaster ride.  I don't hold any educational credentials, have letters behind my last name; however, I do hold a "master's degree" in experiences.  I've been on a few of life's roller coaster rides before.  I've held on tightly, closed my eyes and screamed.  This time, as I reflect on what is going on, I have a peace about things.  I will raise my hands, pray and lean on my faith that He will take care of it all.  Help me, Lord as I learn to say "weee..."  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  
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