Monday, November 25, 2013

Motivation Monday - Speaking Honestly

I have always been the type of person who speaks my mind - openly and honestly.  I attribute this to my being the youngest of 6 kids.  I feel that birth order does play a role in how you learn to fit in with your family.  This then applies in how you navigate throughout all aspects of your personal and social life.   I also love taking personality tests.  I have tested myself in magazines, at seminars and in books.  I just like seeing what my answers reveal about me.   In most cases I feel that my tests are very accurate.

Speaking your mind, having a voice might be a challenge for some of you.  My purpose in this post is to encourage you to learn how and put into practice this "art" of speaking.   Truthfully, this post is to also encourage the past, I know things I've said have been offensive.  The bible tells us to "But speaking the truth in love...Ephesians 4:15"  This isn't always easy - but, it is our guide to how we need to speak.  

I have been lucky, I guess, that I always let people know how I feel when I am feeling it.  I always compliment people when warranted as well as the alternative...(hence, the offences).   I "have" to live with me - I have learned to encourage honest speech - so, I have no regrets and can let things go.  

I know no other way to encourage us than by using this past few weeks of my life as an example.  My mom has been sick, facing end of life choices.  This stage of life, brings about a clarity like no other.  When faced with, "this might be the last time I see you..." - brings about honest speech.  It is emotional, yes - embrace it.  I have been so blessed with things my mom and I have shared over the past few days.  These will be mine and her secrets and I will treasure them forever.  I have been so blessed!  Yes, end of life decisions and blessed.  The reason for this is that we are speaking honestly with each other.   Mom has shared with each of us, I am sure, special moments like I have shared with her.  She is speaking honestly and with love.  This is how she raised us, mothered us, even in her discomfort - thinking of us.  

You don't have to wait, rather don't wait till the end...if this seems hard for you to do, take baby steps.  Start with small things, thank the waitress, compliment a stranger, finally tell your neighbor you don't appreciate their dog pooping in your yard....whatever it is...just start.  I can tell you that by doing this, you will build up your self-confidence and in turn make you a stronger person.  You don't have to be mean, just speak honestly.  I can tell you from personal experience - people appreciate honesty!  Just remember to do it in "love."  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.    

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