Friday, November 22, 2013

Estate Sale Service Wisdom

Most of you know that my Mom had a rummage sale in September.  We had an opportunity, as family, to buy a few things we liked.  We had to buy them, as that is the only way to be fair when dealing with almost 90 immediate family members.  

My oldest brother, Henry, is a missionary.  He lives on the island of Martinique.  He wasn't here at the time of the sale.  His children now live in Texas.  He had some medical appointments in Texas this past week.   When he heard our Mom was sick, he flew up here.  

My Mom is at a nursing home right now, until she hopefully can get stronger.  We asked her if Henry could go over to the house and take a few things he wanted.  I met him and Frank over there.  As we walked around, I could see he was getting sad.  Over the years, as a part of my job, I've dealt with going through MANY estates.  It is easier, when you don't have a personal connection to the client or the "junk."  

He looked at Frank and I and said..."well, this is the culmination of 81 years, wrapped up in a few hours of looking at this stuff."  I quickly said - "this is NOT the culmination of Mom's 81 years - WE ARE."  "Our children, grandchildren are Mom's greatest work - this stuff is just stuff."  

I've used that statement to many a family that has called on my services.  When a client tells me that his family is fighting over something - I always say, it is only stuff, your relationship with your family is most important, let it go.

Not too many families of almost 90 - have the unity we do!  No one fights, we all love each other, we talk to one another, enjoy seeing each other - a culmination of 81 years of Christal (Kincaid) Ritchie's efforts!  My Mom is an excellent Mother!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

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