Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Thanks Pete Hittner

"If you can't use your head, you gotta use your feet"  Pete Hittner.  One of my old bosses.  I would hate for him to use this line on me.  

When Pete would "buzz" one of us to come into is office - we had to be on top of what we anticipated his needing.  Without fail...if we came in unprepared, he would say..."if you can't use your head, you gotta use your feet."  I hated it!

So, when he would "buzz" me, I would come in with all types of things I thought he needed.  That might be a document, staple gun, answer to a question on a case...who knew.  It became a game for me to think ahead of what he wanted.  In turn, making me think - keeping me engaged through out the day.  I was like a puppy getting praise for not pooping on the floor - "good job."  

I would laugh when one of the other girls came out of his office - shaking her head repeating that quote - looking for something he needed.  

I might have hated that quote then - however, I have used it over and over in my life.  My kids know it - I have used it on them.  I just said this yesterday while running back out to the barn forgetting to do something..."Jacky, if you can't use your head you gotta use your feet."  

So, thanks Pete Hittner - that actually was a pretty good quote.  It has kept me on my toes for many years.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wiscosnin.  
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