Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Wise Men




THE WISE MEN (author unknown)


To Judea’s hills came riding, from Eastern lands afar,

Three eager, anxious Wise Men, lead by a shining star;

Day by day had they travelled, homage and gifts to bring.

Where the manager in Bethlehem cradled an infant king.

Still the Christmas stars gleam brightly upon the world today.

But no journey need Wise Ones take, to lands that are far away.

For many who need loving gifts about us here we see

And Christ says, “If ye give to these, Ye have given unto me.”


I found this poem in an old book from 1922 – 90 years ago.  Have we been so long removed from the true meaning of Christmas?

Merry Christmas Blessings from Wisconsin.

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