Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Memories

My Mom, Christal, has been struggling with health issues for several years since her stroke.  I admire her ability to keep faith in her “healing”.   During this time – she has shown me by example how to handle yourself in unfortunate and difficult situations.  My Mom is feisty too, but she knows when to use it….I’m learning…

For Christmas Eve, we went to her house.  I made part of the meal at home and brought it and “we” cooked the rest with her at her house.  I have wonderful memories of Christmas Eve meals that she prepared for us. 

Sometimes, she gets a little “blue” thinking about not being able to buy Christmas gifts for her 6 kids, their spouses, her 20 grandchildren, 30 great grand children and 1 great great grand child…..who could??? That’s a lot of people!

Unfortunately, even with hiring people we “trust” to fill in hours of time we “can’t” work….my Mom has had several things stolen from her house this past year.  Most recently, coins out of 3 huge old piggy banks – that had holes broken in the bottom and all the money taken out.  My Mom had been putting coins in those banks as for MANY MANY years.  They are now empty.  So, in light of the missing antiques, coins, jewelry and stuff……my girls asked Grandma for an item from her collection for their Christmas gift….she was surprised that they would “want” something like that.  She was so happy to give them something and it not cost her anything.
Justine picked out a doll.  When my girls were little, my Mom use to have elaborate stories that went with each of her dolls in her collection.  Anna wanted a doll too….however, the one she wanted is missing.  So, she picked out a piggy bank that my Mom actually made in a ceramic class she and I took together (we took the money out and gave it to her – several old dollar coins, so I can only imagine what was in the other ones…)


We know Christmas isn’t about gifts.  The true “gift” of Christmas was Jesus! 

I’m not mad about the “stuff” that is missing rather the breach of trust that someone would steal from my Mom.  However, it is a “lesson” too.  From a long line of hoarders…..I see the lesson here.  You should enjoy the things you have, while you have them and not hold so tightly to them – you might not get to enjoy them!

Blessings from Wisconsin!

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