Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Cheer–1922 Style


I listed some auctions on ebay yesterday.  Three of which are these old books a teacher would use at Christmas time for poems, plays and such.   This book is called:  “Bright Entertainments for Christmas” from 1922.  Here are a few “gems” I found that might bring some true Christmas Cheer to you.


“Christmas Cheer”   By:  Alice E. Allen

Sing a song of Christmas – Pocketbooks so slim;

But hearts are full of loving-ness, Way up to the brim.

When the day has ended, everyone sees clear.

Pennies help, of course, but LOVE makes the Christmas Cheer.


Isn’t that sweet.  At this time of year, many feel the need to spend or charge large sums of money to create a “happy” Christmas.   This is a nice reminder.

Here is another one I liked:


“The Christmas Message”  By:  Jane Andrews

We hear the Christmas message, Brought to us long ago.

Why have the centuries kept it fresh?  Why do we prize it so?

Because it is rich with the gold of love that with bright, exhaustless flow,

From unfailing source in the Heart Divine, supplies our hearts below.

And it tells of the tender, human bond, since ever the world began,

For it teaches the Fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of man.

But how can we carry the tidings, make each man as loving and true

To the poor, the oppressed and the lowly, as they are to me and you?

Let them shine in thought and word and deed, as we work on the heavenly plan; And, blessed by the Fatherhood of God, prove the brotherhood of man. 


I love that!  O.k….the last one, but honestly these are so good….


“The Christmas Spirit”  By Helen M. Richardson

Just a little bit of Christmas for the neighbor at your side,

Who upon the wave of fortune with yourself seems not to ride.

Do not be a miser, hoarding health and strength and power to bless

Share them with the lone one near you who these charms many not possess.

For ‘tis not alone the dollar, soon forgotten, that you spend,

But the hand-shake that goes with it, carries blessing in the end.

Putting the true Christmas spirit into everything you do

You will find it will be Christmas in your heart the whole year through.


I will end with that.  As my wish for you this year – I extend my hand-shake to all who read and hopefully are blessed by your visit here.

Merry Christmas Blessings from Wisconsin!

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