Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Old Fashioned Values–1939 Style


Last week for Titus 2sday link up, I did a post about old fashioned values I found in this old Farm Journal and Farmer’s Wife.  It was about what boys think of girls.  This week I thought I would post about what girls think of boys.  This was found in the Farm Journal and Farmer’s Wife, June 1939 issue. 


These old magazines are so neat, from the covers, advertising, patterns, recipes and articles.  So, this is what I found in “An Open Letter to Boys”  - applicable today.

“Dear Boys:  We think you’re swell, and we don’t know what we’d do without you.  But may we make a few suggestions?”

“We’d like you to do little things for us, like opening doors, helping us with our coats, picking up our handkerchiefs and seating us at the table”

“If you want a date, don’t be afraid to ask for it.  We like a fellow who has enough self-confidence to think we’ll answer “yes.”.  We can’t ask you, much as we’d like to sometimes.”  (I don’t have boys, but my nephews tell me that girls can be pretty direct now – even they want to be the ones to “ask”)

“The fellow who thinks he’s earned a session of mugging (necking, we used to call it) by taking us driving or dancing or to a movie is all wrong, as far as we’re concerned.  We don’t like to have to pay for our dates.  Isn’t our company enough?”

“You don’t have to spend money on us every time you date us.  We like to entertain you at home, and we consider it an honor to be invited to your home.”

“If you like a girl, treat her so that she’ll know it.  Make her feel that you think it an honor to take her about.  She’ll love it”


I found these old fashioned values refreshing.  I know women today are supposed to be independent and I actually am a strong’ independent, fiesty old gal…but, I still like to have my husband do these little things for me too.  It isn’t a sign of weakness – to let someone show you that they care for you by letting them do things for you…just me…

Blessings from Wisconsin.

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