Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Decorating Vintage Style–Part 2 the Trees


This is my second post about decorating with vintage Christmas items.  We always get a real tree.  This year I put up 2 small artificial ones too. 

On one of the small ones, I put the smaller antique ornaments with bubble lights (not antique). 



small shiny brights with frosty writing. 



For our real tree – the big one.  A real deal even here in Christmas tree country – only $15.  It is really fresh and nice.  It was one of 4 left on the lot.  Sometimes we cut down one from our woods, but then I feel bad for the ones that are already cut down and no one buys.


We mix the antique and vintage ornaments with our homemade and “memory” ones. 



The unicorn ornaments were my Christmas gift from my sister Lynn when I was about 13.  They have been on a tree every year since.



I like trees with sturdy branches so that you can hang several ornaments on each.  I like a “full” tree.  I lost count of the number of ornaments on this one – over 130. 


I also recently “bought out” an estate that had a huge collection of these old mica houses with many bottle brush trees.  I was going to sell them, but I think I will keep them.  I had a few of these before, but now that I put them all together, I really like it. 







Well, a little tour of our Wisconsin farm house at Christmas time.  I hope you enjoyed this.  Many of the items I decorated with are still available at thrift shops, antique shows or shops, Goodwill, rummage and estate sales.  Most are under $10 with a majority under $5 each.  A good time to look for these items is after Christmas when St. Vincent’s and Goodwill are 1/2 off. 

Sending you Merry Christmas Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

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