Friday, November 25, 2011



Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the U.S.  Abraham Lincoln, my favorite president, gave a speech where he set a side this day, as a national holiday.  His speech stated we should give thanks to our creator.  The speech was printed in our local paper – he sure had a way with words!  '

I try to be thankful everyday.  Jesus has blessed me and my family so much.  In good times and bad, I always try to find something to be thankful for.  

Yesterday, we had Al’s family over for lunch.  His family is small, compared to mine.  We made a new tradition, last year, that I do Thanksgiving, Jean, my sister-in-law, Christmas and Marlene, my mother-in-law, Easter.  So, this was our 2nd Thanksgiving here.

We, enjoyed the day, eating and watching the Packer Game.  Later in the evening, we went to my mom’s house, with some left-overs and to visit.  My great-niece made the whole meal at my mom’s.  She is only 14 and did an awesome job (she wanted to do this).  My mom has made many a turkey, however, she is not physically able to cook any more.  This really makes her depressed – so pray for her, please.   So, Aayliah, “helped” grandma cook…bless her heart!

Here are a few pictures of my house decorated for Thanksgiving. 



“Kid’s table”





I’ve been collecting these little candles for years – they are Tavern Candles.  I have a lot for Christmas. 


I set the table with a combination of antique and vintage plates.  Justine made the bread cornacopia, we added mini fruits.  It turned out so cute!


I hope you enjoyed your day.  Remember to find things to be thankful for everyday – Blessed in Wisconsin.

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