Monday, November 14, 2011

Ratty Old Teddy Bear


My sister had a huge barn sale (hoarder genes) this past summer.  She loves to go to auctions too.  She sets up at the Ringle Harvest Day flea market every year.  She has one of the most favorite booths there, with people fighting over her stuff.   This year, she had a sale at her farm instead of setting up at Ringle due to a knee injury and going to therapy.  She let “family” come first...of course. 

I found this old bear in a box of other toys.  Isn’t he cute!


He is so ratty and worn.  He must have been well loved, as you can see all of his repairs. 




He is made of mohair, stuffed with straw and has moveable joints.  I don’t think he is a Steif bear.  However, I do think that he is a German bear.  I did buy him with intentions of resale – he was only $3.00. 

I’ve been busy these past 2 weeks marking Christmas items for my 2 booths and thought this bear would look cute under a tree.  However, I’ve grown fond of this old ratty bear as he has been watching me work.

I found this poem:  By:  Pam

Old Bear

Here I sit, just a bit forlorn.  My body sags and I’m a tad worn.  If you listen you can hear my sad sighs, but the merry twinkle is still in my eyes.

I was once a much loved favorite toy, belonging to a sweet little boy.  But, he left and went away, I haven’t seen him for many a day.

I have been alone so very long, won’t you please take me home?  Sing me a song!  Play games with me!  Take me out to play!  Oh YES!  We can be so merry and gay.

Eventhough I’m not brand new, I have tons of love just for you!  There are so many things that we can share, because I will be YOUR Teddy Bear!

Isn’t that a nice poem.   So, I think I will keep this old bear and put him under my Christmas tree. 

Blessing from Wisconsin!

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Michaele said...

If only it could talk...

TexWisGirl said...


Jacinda @ Growing Home said...

What a cute little ragamuffin! I'm sure he'd have quite the story to tell :-)

dr momi said...

He looks like he was well loved, he will look cute under your tree.

OurCrazyFarm said...

Very cute! I'd keep him too:))

Faye Henry said...

Yes, you need to keep that sweet bear.. I love olde bears but have not found one yet.. So.. I prim them up myself to look as loved as yours is.. And the poem is darling, too.. My word, Jackie... you are right.. we are sooo much alike.. smile..
Have a blessed week...

BoPeep said...

I think everyone in our family has an old worn friend from years past. There are bears, squirrels, puppies and my daughter's flamingo. We need them to help keep us grounded as we turn into responsible, mature adults. :)