Thursday, November 17, 2011

10 Day Challenge–Hard to Keep


I  saw this challenge on “Little Natural Cottage blog”  10 days without complaining.  As a mother, I don’t like listening to complaining from my kids (or others).  I really have no patience for adults who tend to complain a lot.  So, I thought, this will be easy.

The first day, I had to attend a Jr. Fair Board meeting.  As a committee member, we have to “sift” through the letters that come in and address each and every complaint.   With this challenge fresh in my mind, I was so much more aware of how much people tend to complain.  Granted, there were a few compliments in there too.  It was hard and I must say I probably failed as I complained about the complainers….

The second day, yesterday, was going great.  I managed to dig in and unload some furniture – by myself without hurting myself – from my storage “barns” and loaded them in the truck.  I was just about to leave and go to my booth at a shop in Birnamwood, when my daughter called….”Mom, I locked my keys in the car”   She attends a 2 year college in Wausau – about 20 minutes away – in the opposite direction of Birnamwood.  Yes, I was irritated…but, left for Wausau.  On the way there I had another call about something at my second booth – at an antique store in Wausau – so, I had 2 things unexpected to do.  I must say in attitude I probably failed – I was complaining on the inside.  I was aware of and thinking of this challenge, however. 

So, today day 3…., Anna (17) is home sick…..I hope I don’t fail today!

Blessings from Wisconsin – trying not to complain!

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