Monday, November 28, 2011

Deer Hunting

This past week was the 9 day deer hunt (gun).  This is a “big deal” up here.  All of the men in my life, while growing up, liked to hunt.   Respectful hunting and use of the meat – not being wasteful - is very important to us.

I do not hunt, however my husband does.  I thought with 2 daughters, he would be hunting by himself.  I was surprised when our daughter, Anna, wanted to go hunting.

Anna is a cancer survivor.  While in treatment and thereafter, we met many wonderful people.  One of which happened to be Bill Schroeder (played for the Green Bay Packers).   Bill Schroeder is an avid outdoorsman.  He is originally from Wisconsin and still lives here.  Well, he was asked by the Outdoor Channel to be in an episode that was a part of the Tony Semple Foundation for Hope.  Tony Semple played for the Detroit Lions.  These men love to hunt so the Outdoor Channel wanted to do an episode featuring this organization’s “Outdoor Adventure” they do.  This outdoor adventure allows kids who have faced life threatening illness and handicaps the opportunity to actually shoot a trophy buck. 

I will never forget the day Anna called me as said “Mom, can I go hunting with Bill Schroeder – I’m gonna be on T.V.”  The being on T.V. part, ya I could see Anna wanting to do that – but the hunting….”are you sure you want to do that…’re gonna have to kill something…”  She said “yes, I want to go..”  

So, several months later, Anna and my husband went on this hunt.  It was actually in northern Wisconsin.  They were there for several days and received instructions and opportunities to shoot a buck.  Anna actually shot a really nice one.  They were able to bring home the meat all cut and wrapped.  The organization also provided a mounting of the deer along with a plaque with the other kids in her “hunt”.   


This is it. 


She has been out hunting every year since…including this year.   According to Al, she is actually good at it.  She has a good “shot”  (military background genes – Al’s side; or maybe my side – Native American genes)


She loves doing this with her Dad…who knew!  Another lesson we learned through Cancer.  This year, no deer – for either of them.  Which, was O.K. as we had both freezers full of other meat. 

Blessings from Wisconsin.

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