Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Tour of Our Rural Wisconsin Hobby Farm

I have a few photos of our hobby farm to share with my followers.  I know most of you have been here, however, I have made some new friends on here and wanted to share these pictures with them.

We moved to the "country" in 1994.  Since that time we (I am blessed to have a handy husband, he did most of this himself - well not the pole buildings) have totally remodeled this old house, added a shop and studio for me, a play house for the girls, a pole shed for my "junk" a pole shed for Al's tractors and tools, a pump house and outhouse.  The barn was build after WWII and our neighbor has the same one.  They were built at the same time.  Our house - part with kitchen - was originally a small 2 room home early 1900's and the front part with second story was built just before WWII and then the gentleman - Mr. Netzinger - went off to the war.  His intentions were to brick the whole house, but that never happened.  He did return from his service, however, he didn't brick it.  Ringle use to have a brick yard and MANY homes in our county - even state - are made of Ringle Brick.  Our farm, like so many in Wisconsin, was a small dairy farm.  We removed the stancions (spelling?) and put in stalls for horses and goats (now sheep).
Home Sweet Home
My shop and studio and my pole shed....I am a hoarder....they both are full of stuff.  I "buy out" whole estates and sell them - this is my job....unfortunately...I have a hard time parting with stuff.  I've been guilty of making "connections" with other people's stuff.  My kids have grown up in this and they will say..."was this Elva's, or this is the Dr. Forrester chair...." etc.... 

Al's building - machine shed - in in the background.  The chicken coop has the ladder up against it.  We had to take down some branches. 
Pump house and outhouse (ornamental only.....)

Hope you enjoyed...Blessings from Wisconsin!


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