Thursday, June 9, 2011

No More Excuses - Week #5

So I stated in a previous post "No More Excuses" about my issues with getting healthy. For me, it isn't about losing weight - although I do need to - but it is about becoming more healthy.

I know my family eats "well", we raise our own meat (beef, sheep, chickens -haven't done pork in awhile), can and preserve my garden goodies and have 2 chest freezers and a full pantry. So it isn't that we don't eat "good." I do however, make bad choices as to how I prepare it... and I HATE to exersize! Its not like I don't, anyone who lives on a small farm, gardens or has animals, knows how to work and therefore, exersize...but, its not the right exersize.

So my update for week #5 - what have I learned:

1. Eat whole foods, in natural form, raw. This helps to get you "moving" :) if you know what I mean... I've been trying to make my diet 50% raw. This has been a challenge, anyone have tips?

2. Drink ALOT of water! I actually had to make myself at first - now I thirst for it...I'm a Wisconsinite and I LOVE milk - I changed to 1% - I just can't do Skim or Soy, that would almost be "sinful" for this Dairy State Girl :). I use to drink like 4 huge glasses of milk a day, now I only allow myself 1 glass and the rest water.

3. Keep busy, if your hands are working then they can't feed you chips. Note: Don't buy chips and fatty snacks, if they aren't here, then you can't eat them. My family doesn't "need" them either...(my husband and girls do not have weight issues, only me...).

4. Write everything you eat down. Some days, I just wrote "BAD DAY."

5. Stay motivated - I've had a few comments from bloggers this really helps. Any ideas on how to stay motivated...other than not being able to do the things you want the way you want. Pray for help.

6. Exersize - start out small. These past 5 weeks, I've mostly worked in the garden and farm type work still. I have pushed myself more. Like counting how many wheel barrow loads of poop I scoop...I have made an effort to walk more by going the "long" way from the compost/manure pile to the garden :)

7. Any tips for me....please leave me a helpful comment.

Blessings from Wisconsin!
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