Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Finding New Homes for Old Things

Part of what I do that is so rewarding is....finding new homes for old things.  Not everyone likes old stuff as much as I do, but old stuff still can be useful and bring another joy.

When working on "living" estate sales (where the owner is downsizing and still around) I use that saying as a way to help them let go of some of their "treasures."  

Last week, I was referred to a couple, by the neighbor to a childhood friend.  We did her parent's living estate sale (s) and the neighbor liked how we represented or conducted our business.   I didn't know at the time, but she asked for our contact information "just in case I know someone who would need this type of service."  Thanks!  

The couple she referred us to sold their house in 6 hours!  Under my advice and consulting, we worked on the process of "getting rid of."  What was left, they just wanted me to buyout and not do a sale.  So, I did.   As we were filling my van, the husband says, "well, you should do good with this (some kind of tool)" and I said, "well, I'm keeping that!"  Oh, he laughed!

This bench was part of what I bought.  As soon as I read it, I knew it belonged with our daughter, Justine.  She has a MSW and other acronyms I hate to admit I don't know what they mean.  She has and is always seeking knowledge.  She currently is working on her certification for the next feather in her cap - trust based equine therapy - as part of her future counseling services.    

Truthfully, sometimes I find things for my daughters and they don't appreciate it or them as much as this!  Hahaaa  

I had a call yesterday from a potential client and as she was rattling off the items she wanted me to sell for her, I was making mental notes:  yep, that one would be for ....; yep, I have a buyer for that.... and so it goes.  The joys of resale!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  


  1. Bob is use to having folks call on a daily basis to sell things..and sometimes it comes home when I see something I like. TE HE. I am sure your daughter will love her new bench. Janice

  2. Love the bench. I could have done with you when we were downsizing, I had so many treasures that didn't fit or suit our little cottage.