Sunday, November 13, 2016

Justine Christal Photography (&More) Blog - Scotland & Ireland

Our daughter, Justine, also writes a blog where she shares her amazing photos.  While on our trip, the noise her camera was making, sure brought her a lot of attention.  Her camera takes panoramic view shots.  So, as she stood at the edge of cliff - "chchchchchchchchchcchch" (camera noise-lol) heads would turn.  I am excited to share her blog post with you and the amazing pictures.  The link is here:

When Justine was in junior high, we switched schools.  We live in the country with no young neighbors.  Her new teacher was trying to set up a friendship with Justine and another "country" girl.  This girl said, "Justine is nice, but she is such a homebody."  Well, we did provide all her needs, she had a menagerie of pets, what did she need to leave home for?  Anyway, that statement cannot be said of her now.  She loves to travel and is planning her next trip.  

So, Justine, keep exploring, sharing and learning more about this wonderful world the Lord has created!  We enjoy seeing your view from your camera! 

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.   
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