Monday, June 27, 2016

I Did It - 5K Challenge

This is for one of my "50 things to do before I'm 50."  I need to change that to - "50 things to do AT 50" as I am only half way there.  

27.  Run/Walk a 5K:

Justine, Anna and I signed up to do a 5K.  This one was a trail run/walk 2K, 5K and 10K in Sturgeon Bay, Door County, Wisconsin.  

About 6 weeks before, I started the From Couch to 5K app on my phone.  That app and the training was one of the keys to my success in completing this challenge.  

This event gave out some very nice prizes.  I don't have a picture of it, but once you crossed the finish line, you were handed a potted shrub too.  Now I can wear one of those shirts and actually have done the race.  Also, since we were in Door County, cherry capital - we were treated to a local creamery's ice cream topped with cherries and granola!  Trust me, I was thinking of that while I was on the  I'm so motivated by food...

While we were waiting for the race to start, there was a lady wearing a t-shirt that said..."if you are reading this, you didn't train for this race either" on the back.  Funny as that was, I didn't want to finish after her.  I did actually train - the best I could.  She did pass me right away, but fizzled out around 1.5 mile mark.  I passed her up.  I'm not going to lie, I was the "biggest" person signed up for the me, when you grow up chubby, you make mental notes of these types of things.  There were other "big" ladies, but they did the 2K.  I'm so happy I challenged myself to do the 5K.  

My goal was, just not to be LAST.  I was anticipating finishing in about 90 minutes with my trotting and walking.  I found an older lady who was doing the same as me, trotting, walking - mostly fast walking.  I just kept up with her.  At about the mile mark, I said to her..."this is my first race, all I'm trying to do is keep up with you."  Her husband was right behind me.  They were in their late 60's, they were from Chicago.  They told me I was doing good, really encouraged me.  She was wearing something that told her how fast we were going and how far we were.  

Somewhere between mile 2 and 3,  I said..."I don't mean to be a baby....but, how much longer...."  "Oh, just around the corner, we are almost finished..."  Ya right!  It wasn't, but she really helped me.  Honestly, I might have sat down if it wasn't for them.  As they crossed the finish line, they waited for me and gave me the "high fives" - bless you will never know how much your encouragement helped me!  Justine and Anna were so surprised to see me...when they they didn't think I would finish that fast.  It wasn't fast - but, I'm so proud of myself!  

Here we are at the end of the race.  

It was actually a very fun challenge.  The girls and I stayed over night and after the race went swimming in Lake Michigan - it was cold!  We actually want to make this a mother, daughter tradition....those who know me well, know I treat exercise like a 4 letter word....but, if it means my spending precious time with my girls...I'll do it!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  
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