Wednesday, November 4, 2015

"Well, That's the Best Age"

I meet the most interesting people for my job.  Most of you know, I am an antique dealer and folk artist.  I have been going pretty strong - full time - this past year.  

About a year ago, an elderly lady called me to come and look at some items she had for sale.  She was referred to me from a very good friend of mine - Kathy Marquardt.  

I made an appointment to go look on a Sunday afternoon.  Justine came with me and we left "the boys" to watch football.  Joyce was trying to sell some items so that she could move into an apartment.  When we drove up to her farm house - I was so excited.  Her brick home is one I have admired for years!  

Justine and I found lots of treasures as she took us on a tour of her 2 story home, pole building and the "old stone building."  We visited for nearly 3 hours.  As we were leaving, Joyce said to us..."Oh, girls this has been the nicest afternoon I've had in years."  

Justine and I talked about this as we drove home.  Something as simple as visiting with a lonely person - how it can uplift their spirits and yours.  Over this past year, Joyce has sent me several little notes with interesting newspaper clippings about Ringle and such - things she thought I might like.  

I went over to her home yesterday, she is still trying to sell her farm house so she can move.  I bought out her cookbook collection - something she had been holding on to, last items to sell kind of a thing.  We boxed up the books and I said, "I need to move my van closer."   As I started out of the room, Joyce says..."don't leave empty handed...take a box with you and save a trip."  Oh how I laughed...I said..."O.K.'re right!"  She laughed and laughed.  To tell you the truth this 80 something woman - was out working me!   I said, "boy, you are working harder than I am and I'm 49."  She turns to me and says...."well, that is the best age, I loved 49."  I know friends who will turn 50 this year, many are struggling with it.  For her to say "that's the best age" - reminded me to enjoy my last year in the 40's and embrace my 50's.

It just reminded me of my Motivational Monday post - last week about enjoy the stage of life you are in.

Joyce was such a testimony to me about that - she was a happy 80 something...happy even in leaving her home of over 50 plus years...she is excited to start a new stage.  She said to me "I just hope I live long enough to enjoy my apartment."  What a trooper!  I love her attitude!

No matter what age you are, the stage of life you are in - take a lesson from Joyce - find your joy in it.  I know I will.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

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