Sunday, November 1, 2015

Update on What Anna is Doing

For those friends and followers who are asking "how are your girls doing?"  Here is the update on Anna.

Anna lives in Milwaukee.  She will graduate from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in the spring with degrees in Community Engagement and Education with a sub major of Community Based Organization and Certificate in Youth Work.  

God has already blessed her with a job within her major.  She just started working for Girl Scouts of South East Wisconsin.   Her job is exactly what she had been doing for 4-H for 3 years, program planning.  She has a bit of a drive to her "office," but in her own words "it's worth it to me to do what I LOVE."

I said "office" because where she works is at a camp.  The grounds are secluded and what a view.  Hard not to find some creative energy working here.

This is her desk.

Only 1 of several craft supply cabinets.  Anna said, almost anything you could think of to make - they have the supplies.  Sounds like my studio and pole building...only this is neat and organized....LOL

She invited me down to go to a dinner theater at Old World Wisconsin.  I spent the night and we did lots of thrifting.  I can't believe how she can buzz in and out of all the traffic.  I will admit, my eyes were closed for parts of it.  I am so happy for her and we are proud of all of her accomplishments!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin. 

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