Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spring Junk Bonanza 2015 Early Bird

This has been our 5th year of going to Junk Bonanza in Shakopee, MN.  This event is promoted by Kia Nassauer, the style editor of Flea Market Style magazine.  I just went back and looked at my old posts about it, wow have things changed in 5 years.  It has been on our bucket list to be first in line.  In past years, the person who was, received a nice box of Gorilla Glue.  It's just saying..."I was first in line.."  Well, my friend Renee and I were...we shared the glue.

We buy the early bird tickets so we can shop 2 hours before the general public.  Now, over 5 years we have stood in some pretty long lines, however this year the line was unbelievably long.  I heard a security guard say, "2,000 early birders are expected."  I usually have time to take pictures of interesting booths - I didn't even get a chance.  It was truly a frenzy of activity.   We did have fun, I was inspired and we bought some cute things.   

Here is what I think was "trending" at the event:  Top 5 

1.  Industrial items - garage style shelving units on huge castors, factory utility carts and stands with pipe handles, old huge metal shop or office style desks - basically anything you might find in a factory or garage.  These items were cleaned, oiled and were ready to go for use in your home.

2.  Metal - metal anything - file cabinets, tool cabinets, small cubbies with drawers, factory bins for holding bolts, galvanized buckets, wash tubs, old milk crates - if it was metal it was sold.

3.  Farm junk - old nesting boxes, barn tracking, barn doors, barn handles, hooks, latches, chicken feeders, chicken waters, old feed bins, scoops, metal gears, hay forks - if it was old, rusty and in a barn - it was sold.

4.  Western Wear - cowboy boots, vintage "show shirts", vintage cowboy hats, spurs...if a cowboy would wear it - it was there.

5.  Pillows - lots and lots of pillows, made from chenille spreads, old feed sacks, burlap, bark cloth, vintage upholstery fabric...pillows, pillows, pillows.

I've decided that this year I would step out in faith and do a few shows out of state.  Like Junk Bonanza, but only 1 day events.  Once I saw these items were trending - I came home and told Al we need to dig in his pole building.  We have pulled some really interesting industrial pieces that we will be taking down to the Urban Farm Girl show in Rockford, IL.

I will have a few industrial pieces and other items on this trending list at my BYOT (Bring Your Own Table) Pop Up Sale here at our farm on May 6th - 6 p.m. - ? just a few hours of selling.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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