Friday, April 24, 2015

Happy Blogger Moment

I know that some people write their blog as a business, others to keep in touch with family, some to share their talents - there are a wide variety of reasons.  I started writing mine, well, for me.  Five years of jotting down my day and sharing it on here.  

Last night was a confirmation to me that maybe, just maybe I might be reaching others. It just ties in beautifully with my post this week about Rahab.  Like I stated in that post - we all can't all live out our ministry on a large scale - but, we can in our "own little world" - no matter how small we feel our impact might be, we can make a difference.

When I wrote that Wednesday, I didn't know how the Lord would confirm it to me, but he did last night.  Most know, my brother started a small rural church.  I wrote a blog post about this (you can read it here: )

Well, last night, we had a young couple come to visit.  When Frank asked them how they heard about us, they said they read it on a blog.  Frank came over and told me.  I went over and introduced myself.  He stated something about an interesting comment on the post...go read it...I had someone, I don't know challenge my "why."  I did reply honestly - it was that honest reply, I believe that inspired their coming.  Now, it wasn't me...don't get me was His using my words, the ones He gave me - back in July 2013 to reach this couple in April 2015.  His conversion at work in me.  

I just wanted to share, maybe to encourage those of you who write a blog and wonder, "are the things I do or say on here reaching anyone..."  Yes!

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  
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