Thursday, April 2, 2015

Body Pumping Fun

I haven't posted much about this because I didn't know if I would "stick" with it.  I'm happy to say...I found an exercise routine that I "like!"  

My friends Sue and Sue (I know, reminds me of Bob Newhart show..."this is my brother Daryl and my other brother Daryl...") and I have been doing body pumping.  I love it! 

As I reflect on the physical demands of being a "junk" dealer...I know I need to keep up my strength.  I remember 20 some years ago, the other dealers saying..."you are going to regret that....(as I carried in a dresser on my back....) - ya, right!  Well, they were right!  I now keep my physical limitations in mind when I purchase an item for resale - can I carry that by myself?  

Sue J. invited me and Sue M. to come to her body pumping class.  We have been going for months.  It has even become a routine for Al too - we call it "workout Wednesday."  Al drops me off and he goes to the employee fitness center at his work.  We really enjoy this.  

Body pumping is working out with weights to music.  It is hard, but I like how I feel after.  The instructor told us that by the end of the hour we have done near 1000 repetitions.  When you work out to the music, somehow it doesn't seem so "bad."  

I know my legs are stronger, I have less "vajiggle jaggle" under my arms too.  It is only once a week and I plan to start walking more now that the snow is gone.  Remember, I need to walk up Machu Picchu soon.  Well, maybe not up, but around.

Do you have a work out routine you enjoy?  Tell me about it.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

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