Monday, March 9, 2015

Motivational Monday - Facing Giants

I co-teach the preteen and teen Sunday School class with Reggie.  We decided to do a series of study on teens/youth from the bible and how God used them.  I teach about the girls and Reggie the boys.  

I liked what Reggie did yesterday.  He passed out a sheet of paper to each student and asked them to write down some of the things they feel are their greatest accomplishments thus far in their life.  He asked each one to read off the things on their list.  He also asked us to write down all the words we think of when we think of David.  He then read the story of how God told Samuel to go to the house of Jesse and he would tell him which of his sons to anoint as the next king.  As each son stood before Samuel, God told him no not that one...this went on till Samuel asked Jesse "do you have any other sons?"  When David was brought in from the field, God told Samuel that he was the one to anoint.  As Reggie read this story, we were to cross off the words we had on our list from that story.  

Many of the words on the lists were:  sling, rocks, giant, Goliath, king, Psalms...etc.  Reggie pointed out that those words we think of were from events that happened to David after he was anointed.  We really don't know much of David's "back story."   

I thought about Reggie's lesson and how I could apply it to my Motivational Monday post.  At many points or stages in our life, we face change or even challenge.  What has happened to us before that change is our "back story."  Not everyone will know these things about you, what has lead you to this stage or point of your life or the life lessons you learned up to it.  Your "back story" in any stage of life is an important tool in moving forward.     

David learned how to protect his sheep from predators with a rock and a sling.  With that ability, along with God's anointing, David picked up that stone, wound up that sling and knocked down the giant.  His faith in his ability to protect his sheep with the rock and sling, were key to his using it against Goliath.  

Facing "giants" in life, whether they be a change or challenge can be tough.  All of us have faced them.  My motivation to us is that we encourage ourselves looking at our "back story."  Make a list of those things that you have learned about yourself thus far.  Use the life's lessons to your advantage.  Having faith in yourself is the key to moving forward.  

Look that "giant" right in the eye, pick up that rock, wind up your sling and throw it.....knock down the challenge, move forward in the change....take note to the lessons learned.  To be successful you must "want to" and have faith in yourself.  

"This too will pass" is something my Mom use to say to me.  Wise words that I now understand after facing my "giants." The lessons learned are priceless.  

Now go out there and face your "giant."  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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