Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Emotional Choices

I have been thinking about emotional choices lately.  Maybe not so much about emotions rather choices.  However, our choices will effect our emotions.  

At different stages of our life, we learn how to use our emotions to achieve results.   For example, babies cry and we feed or change them.  Our life experiences and how we were raised will mold us into adulthood.  

If you were a whinny, tattling brat and those emotions were received with giving in or conceding - you would learn that complaining and anger worked.   On the other hand, if those emotions were received with stern discipline and positive direction - you would learn that behaving like that brings about a change, one that might not be so joyful for you.

Our emotional choices are effected by our stage of life.  I know I handled things differently in my 20's than I do now.  Our experiences, whether good or bad, ultimately determine how we respond to events in the future.  

Women, especially, are emotional creatures - this might have to do with our hormones, need to "do it all", inability to say "no" to things, guilt...(fill in the blank).  However, we still have a choice.  I know this seems simple - but, it is true.  

I think back to one piece of advice I received from a professional under her counsel...."you have a choice..."  I sought counseling during a stressful time in my life and that was one thing she said that I still think about.  When a difficult situation arises - I think....I have a choice....

My friend was telling me about a co-worker that tends to talk over her.  After years of this, she decided that when she starts to speak and this person injects their opinion and talks over her, she was going to just walk away.   She did it last week, she just turned and went back to her desk, saying nothing.   Her choice - spoke volumes!  

In my own life, I was "baited" into an argument over an opinion I had.  Now, my 20 something self, might have fell into the trap of arguing with this person... however, I replied..."you will not get me to argue, I choose not to."  That spoke volumes!  

The next time you are faced with an emotional decision or a decision that will effect you emotionally....think....I have a choice.  Your response will either make you feel good about yourself or bad.  Don't make self defeating emotional choices.  Choose you, be happy - it's your choice.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  

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