Monday, March 23, 2015

Marvin & Martha - Let Your Rooster Strut

I so enjoy watching my chickens.  I do have a favorite hen, it is Martha.  I love her independent, free range spirit.  She is very smart and cunning.  Martha, really has never had a need for a is funny to watch the young roosters try to "catch" her.  Oh, that's the last thing they try to do again....she just runs at them and fights.   Well, a girl can only take so much....

Last year, Martha sat on a clutch of eggs.  I knew not many of those eggs could be her own, as she never lets the roosters come near her.  Sure enough, that batch had brown speckled, black and a few white ones.  She didn't care, she just was their mama hen.  

Sometime during last summer, Martha started liking this rooster.  I named him Marvin.  She would let him "catch" her and she sat on another clutch of eggs.  When those hatched, most were white like them.  Now that they are bigger, you can see that they were Marvin and Martha's chicks.   I guess, she figured out, if I want fertile eggs, I better be "nice" to a rooster.  For some reason, this tickles me...I love that in her.

I come from a long line of independent, strong women.  Most of which had and have a hard time submitting themselves to their rooster.  First, you need a good rooster - some of the roosters my family picked, turned out to want to have other hens, so I understand not submitting.  However, if you have good rooster, be nice to him. 

The other day, I was watching Marvin and Martha.  They usually are by themselves on the other side of the barn yard.  They have figured out that the birds kick out lots of seeds on the ground and I see them under the bird feeder everyday.  I usually throw them out a slice of bread or another treat.  It was while watching Marvin, I thought about this post.  He did the sweetest thing, he broke off a piece of the bread and "clucked and clucked" to get Martha's attention.  He then fed her - picking up the bread and holding it in his beak for her.  She ate it and pecked on the ground.  Marvin, I swear, looked so proud of himself...he strutted around the yard following after her.  I can imagine he was thinking..."yep, I took care of my hen."  

If you happen to have a good rooster, and you are an independent old hen, think on this little story.  Every rooster wants a chance to strut once in awhile - let him know you appreciate his providing for your coop and chicks - don't forget be "nice" to him every once in awhile.  Everyone knows, that a behind a happy hen is a happy rooster.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.

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