Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Organic Advertising

Good morning.  I just wanted to update my followers about my "Not So Scary" Pop Up sale.  First, thank goodness the "not so scary" critters stayed in whatever box out there they have made homes  No customer was scared by them.  

This whole sale, for me, was a test in organic advertising.  When I first started my business out here and had my shop open, I would spend hundreds of dollars on advertising.  The Ringle Harvest Day our 4-H organizes, spends on average $1,500 on advertising.  

An older mentor of mine, told me that "it doesn't cost to advertise it pays to advertise."  A piece of advice that I know to be true.  Now 20 years later, the way you advertise is different.  

I can tell you, that social media is the KEY to reaching new customers and increasing your sales!   In 3 hours, I had like over 100 customers I was really busy.  In fact, my older neighbor, called me and said, "Jacky, is everything o.k. down by you?  I've not seen this many cars on our road at one time ever!"  I told him I was having a "pole building" sale.  He just laughed.  

This morning I wake, rested, relieved and blessed.  I now have a plan to work on getting rid of what is left.  Some will end up in one of my booths, some will end up in the burn pile and others will make their way to a Goodwill soon.   We have snow in the forecast for Friday - the trailers can make it in the building now.  

Keeping busy, working hard has revived creative inspiration in "what I do..."  

Blessings from Ringle, Wiscsonsin.  
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