Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Motivation Monday (Tuesday) - Passion

             (I love this picture!  Seems just like yesterday they were driving around in their Barbie car)

With my facing a new stage in life, I've been thinking about passion.  I have spent the past 22 years, as a very passionate, hands on mama.  My nest will soon be empty.  As this does make me sad, my feeling of accomplishment is greater. 

When people come up to me and say..."oh, you are going to be so sad...," I now reply by saying..."yes, but we did it!  We raised two happy, healthy, compassionate, hard working women!"  Evidence of the passion I put into them and for them.  I will forever be passionate about my family, now an additional 2 sons-in-law and God willing grandchildren some day.  

So, I've been thinking about passion lately.  Passion is defined as an intense emotion.  Passion is: "when we put more energy into something than is required to do it; an ambition that is materialized into action."  

I've been asking people lately, "what are you passionate about?"  I've had some interesting answers:  music, art, my job, my family, 4-H, horses, etc.  Al and I were talking about this and we began to feel rather convicted.  As Christians, our first response should be - Jesus.  After all, Jesus showed us His passion for us on the cross.  How is it that our first response wasn't Him?  

In light of all the persecution of Christians around the world - especially in the mid-east, this has made me feel rather guilty.  Those that have had to face the choice of death or denial.  They become martyrs by showing the world their passion for Him.  I would, by faith, hope that if I had to face that intense persecution I could stand for Him as well.  

So, as I focus my energy and passion in this new stage of my life, I now have a greater conviction and commitment to my relationship with Jesus.  You know, as we grow and change in life, it is a wise person who places their faith and focus on the eternal.  Lord help us to be passionate for the things that really matter.

Blessing from Ringle, Wisconsin.

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