Monday, August 4, 2014

Motivation Monday - Self Control

We all have challenges in our lives that require us to exercise self control.  I personally have a wide range of challenges.  I feel I have made improvements in myself that I am proud of.  Some of them are reflected on the external - others are internal.  The internal ones are the hardest!  

When one is under stress or in a stressful situation, we often don't react or respond in a way that reflects self control.  I admire my friends who can.  I have a friend who rarely, or never says anything bad about anyone!  She might share her opinion of something, but is quick to stop before it crosses over to gossip.  I admire that Renee.  Stacy and I even have a saying now...."I want to be more like Renee..."  

This week, fair week, has been unusually hard for me.  I had a relationship with a friend for many years that recently changed.  It has been a hard year, as I don't really know what happened.  After this week, I get a feeling it has something to do with me.  I guess, I'm clueless.  

Anyway, the "old Jacky" kept trying to rear her ugly head and go out of her way to "figure it all out..."  Then, I stopped, stepped back and thought about this...."not every situation is meant for you to change, but the situation is meant to change you for the better."  I love that.  Oh, I did struggle....trying to keep myself under self control.  I did share a few of my unpleasant thoughts with family and close friends - like I said, it has been hard - I now regret that.  

Early Sunday morning, while working in the kitchen, I was listening to Pastor John Haggee preaching.   His sermon was on self control - was that a coincidence?  I think not, I needed to be reminded of this - thank you Lord for using this to help me.  I'm not Baptist and rarely listen to sermons on Sunday morning.  His message had many significant points that applied to my week.  None more than this one..."those who can not control themselves, destroy themselves."  I liked that too.  In fact, when I returned to the fair, I had to quote that to myself several times!   It actually helped me.

That quote can apply to ALL self control issues!  When one doesn't control themselves, take responsibility for themselves they will destroy themselves, families and reputation.  Don't make excuses or blame others for your lack of self control.   The only one in control of you is YOU!  I'm preaching to me right now.  

I know, I don't like me or how I feel when I lack self control.  So, my daily challenge is to keep reminding myself of this.  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  
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