Thursday, March 13, 2014

What I've Been Up To....

It has been springlike here in Marathon County, Wisconsin!  I haven't seen a Robin yet - only the ones we made in 4-H Tuesday night.  The project is here:

It was more of a "make and work on at home" project.  We had an excellent turn out!  Too many needles to thread!  All the mamas were threading needles.  We had guest speakers talking about Maple Syrup - Wisconsin ranks 3rd in U.S. production!  You can see the blue bags, lines and pails hanging on the trees now.  With daytime temps in 40's and over nights in teens....the sap should start a running.  The season is on average March 15 to April 15.  Soon we will see smoke from the "sugar shacks" cooking down the sap.  YUM!

I was asked to teach a class for my friend Sue and her coworkers.  It was fun sharing my love of needle felting with them.  They made a pillow top and Easter eggs.

I will be teaching this same class to a 4-H group, Rocky Ridge from Mosinee, WI. on Sunday afternoon.  Should be fun!

Today, I will be at the 4-H office working on the county-wide candy bar sales pick ups.  I'm bringing my felting to work on while I wait for pick ups.  

Tomorrow, I will be adding some inventory to my booth at Grand Repeats in Wausau.  I picked up these cute - shabby in all the right way - chairs.  I love the faded pink and original upholstery.

Sunday school lesson planning, my nephew's graduation and pinning party (he went back to school to be registered nurse) and visiting my mother-in-law are a few things I plan to do.  

Thank You to my new followers!  I'm so excited!  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin.  
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