Saturday, March 1, 2014

All I Need to Know I Learned From My Chickens - Sermonette

The 1st Saturday of each month, we go to Homme Nursing Home.  Today, I was asked to give the sermonette.  I talked about chickens.  I found this poem - "All I Need to Know I Learned from My Chickens" - with each trait listed in this poem, I found a scripture that related to it.  I also read, The Little Red Hen.  I shared that with each stage the little hen stayed positive and kept on with her work.  That is how we all should be, regardless of our age - keep, working at whatever challenge comes our way.  I brought in one of my "stuffed" taxidermy chickens.  

Something really neat actually happened.  I bought my first "stuffed" chicken from a flea market.  I purchased it from my flea friend Diane.  I was so delighted today, to see Diane in the room.  I asked her how long she has been living at the home and she said since November.  I told her that I haven't seen her at any of our "visits."  She said that she usually didn't come to these types of things.  I told her how happy I was that she came today, as I was going to talk about chickens.  She remembered that I bought my first one from her.  When I pushed her back to her room, she told me that "we" just made her day.  How "it wasn't a coincidence that I went down to your service today."  I knew it wasn't.  I hugged her and told her that next month I was going to come and get her.   She was in tears and said "God bless you."  Oh I had such a great time today!  

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin. 
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