Monday, March 31, 2014

Motivation Monday - Memories

Motivation Monday - Memories

My mom passed on at the end of November.  I miss her a lot!  I can only write this post as it relates to my feelings.  None of us grieve the same, as each loss is different.  I know many people who have faced loss or grief recently, I would never tell someone how to feel.  First, I'm not them, I'm me, I have a hard enough time dealing with my own emotions, much less telling someone how to deal with theirs.  I am writing this post to help me, if what I say helps someone else - great! 

I can not tell you how many things I see that reminded me of my mom.  On a recent trip to a favorite store of ours, I saw some of her favorite candy, for a minute I thought, I should pick this up for mom.  My hens have started laying pretty good now, I have thought I should take mom in a dozen.  I have made several meals with extras and thought, I will take this to mom's house.  The phone rang the other day with my sister Lynn's number, I thought, oh no, even Al, when he handed me the phone said, I wonder what happened with our mom.  

Maybe these thoughts, memories "haunt" us.  Obviously you feel sad or bad when situations like this come up.  Thinking about the "not" being able to do for her or to do something with her, makes me sad.  I took a blanket my mom crocheted home after she passed.  Each time I pull it over me, I say "thanks for the hug mom" - to me, I think of her and that she made this with her own hands - it's like she is giving me a hug.

Memories, how can they motivate?  Whether a good memory or a bad one - memories do motivate us - if we use wisdom and maturity and are willing to accept or change.   Let the memories of your loved ones bring you joy and peace.  Keep their memories alive by sharing and talking about them.  Learn from the memories and create new ones that involve lessons from the old.  Make memories that others will cherish when you are gone.  Love each other.

by:  Dicky Bird

Sometimes life is less than kind
"why me? or what now?"

Trials, hardships and loss
can really knock us down

Anger and pity - it's my right
sorrow, loss of hope

"I'm sorry this has happened to you?"
or "Time it heals all wounds?"

It's not like friends don't think of us
or that they show they care

It's just people don't know what to say
and they don't know what to do

Our memories are a beautiful gift
that God has let us keep

Sometimes they make us feel sad
and others our spirits they lift

Let our healing rely on those
sweet memories that we made

our love for them goes on and grows
missing them won't change 

think on those we have lost 
and their love will never fade.

Blessings from Ringle, Wisconsin


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